Advanced Distribution

How can I distribute records?

Distribution Engine offers a number of different ways to distribute records within your teams. Some of these are summarised below, but many more are offered in the application.

Round Robin

Fairness is vital for happy, motivated and successful sales teams. Round robin remains the simplest and most effective way to achieve this. Round robin distributors will hand each team member a record before starting at the beginning again. Every team member knows that their turn will come, so there are no more misunderstandings about how allocation works!

The team summary page shows the average number of assignments over the last week, the number of available team members and the number of assignments per distributor over the last week.

Load Balancing

Load balancing provides a way to ensure even workloads across your team, accounting for differences in availability and the tags of each team member. Ideal for distributing cases, load balancing can even be configured to consider assignments outside of Distribution Engine, or to consider the value or complexity of records assigned. This ensures that when a team member has a complex or high value record assigned, they won’t be given as many records as other team members.

The distributor settings screen allows you to configure how each distributor will assign records.


Pull distributors allow reps to select when they want to receive work. Using the Distribution Engine Widget on any Lightning app, your reps can focus on their day job, only choosing to pull a lead when they need to. Pull distributors can be used with other distributors to top up workloads where necessary.

The Distribution Engine widget allows users to pull records when they want an assignment and to toggle their availability on and off.

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