Is time to contact critical to your business? Would you like to ensure all your leads are followed up within a certain period of time? For leads that are not followed up how about a system to automatically reassign them to another rep?

Distribution Engine can help with this by raising alerts for missed deadlines and auto-reassigning these leads.


SLAs in Distribution Engine are flags raised to warn reps and their managers that a deadline has been missed. You can set up to 3 SLAs for each team. An SLA has a time period and a criteria. For example you might say: If after 15 minutes a lead Status field is not equal to Contacted, then raise an alert that the SLA has been missed.

SLAs measure the time from assignment and you can choose whether they only fire during working hours, or if they are always on.


When SLAs are missed you can then trigger an auto-reassign. So for leads that fail SLAs you can then remove them from the rep.

You can also have the system automatically toggle the offending rep offline to prevent them receiving any more leads until they toggle back in (the assumption is they are not responding because they are out or busy so this prevents any more hot leads being assigned to non-responding reps).

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