Sometimes its not just about fairness. People have different skills, they work different territories, they have different levels of experience or seniority, they speak different languages. Distribution Engine allows you to route based on these attributes using the Distribution Tags feature.

Simply create collections of tags (to represent anything at all), assign these to your users and then create distributor rules to route based on these tags.

The tags collection page allows creation and assignment of tags, to represent agent's seniority, skills and other attributes.


In our distribution rules we can find the best person to assign a record to based on their tags.

Distribution Engine can select users with specific tags or we can allow the engine to automatically match a field on the record and pick a corresponding user based on their tags.

Tag filters allow a distributor to only assign records to team members with the appropriate skills or attributes for the record.

Weighting & Caps using tags

In addition to directing records to the right reps, tags can also be used to weight how records get distributed to team members to limit the number of records held at once. Using this, you can ensure that senior reps will receive more records as they flow through, and junior reps are not overwhelmed with work.

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