Weighting & capping


Do you want senior reps to receive more leads? Do you want to limit the leads received by junior reps while they gain experience? Weighted assignment allows you to adjust the lead volumes assigned within the team.

A rep on a weighting of 2 would receive twice as many assignments a rep on weighting of 1. Likewise a rep on a weighting of 0.5 would receive half as many assignments as a rep on a weighting of 1.


Do you want to limit how many leads are assigned? Keep conversion rates high by feeding reps with a finite number of the very best leads each day? Capping allow you to set limits on how many leads are assigned

  • Hourly or daily cap – limit how many leads are assigned per hour or day (set per distribution rule)
  • Load balanced cap – limit how many “active” leads can be held by reps. Reps must progress the leads they already have before their active count drops allowing them to be topped up with more.



Want to create a blend of leads of different types with different caps? No problem, each distribution rule can have its own limits and have its own filters to target specific types. You might for example hand out all hot leads and then top up with up to 25 leads per day from a recent tradeshow / webinar.


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