Weighting & Caps


Distribution Engine gives you the power to weight assignments, allowing you to control the balance of record assignment. Weighting can help senior reps to receive more records, while more junior reps can be limited while they gain experience.

The team-level weighting screen shows three different users, each with different weightings set, and the calculated proportion of records that they will receive.

A rep on a weighting of 2 receives twice as many assignments a rep with a weighting of 1. Similarly, a rep with a weighting of 0.5 receives half as many assignments as a rep with a weighting of 1.


Caps allow limits on the number of assignment each rep or each level of rep can receive over a time period. Caps can be tailored to specific distributors or over multiple time periods to allow for a fine tuned experience. For example, you may want to limit your hot leads, not only at how many they receive per day, but also how many they receive per hour to ensure their leads are spread throughout the day.

The team-level caps screen shows the different limits each tag within a collection can have. In this case, limiting team members based on their seniority, so more senior team members are able to own more records at once.

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