Your reps are not always at their desks, so how do you avoid work piling up while they’re unavailable? Distribution Engine has a number of features to control the availability of your teams.

  • Distribution Hours – the working hours of your teams; control availability at the team or user level.
  • Regional Holidays – shut down multiple teams with company wide holiday calendars.
  • User Out of Office – enter holiday or sickness entries for users to automatically prevent assignment over a period.
  • Availability Toggle – users or their managers simply toggle online / offline status to control current availability.

Team member toggles allow you to set members offline for a period short period of time.


Distribution Engine can be set to assign records 24 hours a day, or it can be set to match the working hours of the team. Using distribution Hours means records are only assigned to available reps. This can help to improve time to contact, typically leading to higher conversion rates. Distribution Hours can be set at team, user or shift levels.

Shifts define the hours in a day that a team, or team member, are available to receive assignments.


Distribution Engine allows you to manage absences such as public holidays, vacations and sickness. You can enter individual sickness / vacation absences or regional holidays for team-wide shut downs. Assignments will not be made to users who are currently marked as being absent. Managers or users themselves can add entries (depending on the permissions you choose).

The holidays page shows the holidays for each region across the selected year.

Out of office allows you to set absences for individual users. Upcoming and previous out of office entries can be viewed on the Out of Office page.

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