Distribution Engine's Classifier functionality allows incoming records to be categorised with territory information, and for Leads, whether they relate to existing Accounts, Contacts or other Leads.


The Territories functionality of the Classifier allows you to create maps, broken down into different territories of countries, states and ZIP codes. When a record is classified, its location is determined and it is stamped with the appropriate territory. On assignment, Distribution Engine can be configured to only assign records to reps that work the appropriate territory for the record.

Territories allow records to be stamped with their location. Users can create maps grouping countries, states and zip codes into custom territories.

Lead Matching

Lead Matching can determine whether a lead relates to existing Accounts, Contacts or other Leads already in your Salesforce organization. Lead Matching makes use of the Salesforce duplicate matching logic and is fully configurable. Leads which have been matched can then be assigned to the owner of any related object, by using Related Owner distributors, ensuring that the right rep owns all related and duplicate work.

Lead Matching allows you to recognise leads that already have existing Accounts, Contacts or Leads in your org and ensure they are assigned to the appropriate rep.

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